Address: Unit 25, Penrose Wharf, Penrose Quay, Cork
T23 WK18
Tel: 021 2390600

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Brand Development

In such a busy, marketing-saturated world, brand development and brand strategy has never been more important. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to define positioning strategies that help them to win new customers and keep existing ones.
We passionately believe that brands and organisations will only survive and thrive if they are built on clear, well informed creative but strategic thinking.

As well as rejuvenating existing brands, our brand development specialists love to create new brands too. We have an enviable track record in all aspects of the process from name generation to defining your brand mission, brand vision, values and tone of voice. And of course, once all of that is done, we get to the really exciting part – where our graphic design team create the logo and overall visual identity. Our process is very collaborative and we work hard to bring our clients on the branding journey with us, ensuring that we have a shared sense of ownership of the project.

It’s what sets us apart from other marketing agencies in Cork and beyond.

Check out our sister company, Real Estate Marketing, for bespoke property related brand development and marketing strategy.

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