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Is this the end of ‘Bricks and Mortar’?

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Is this the end of ‘Bricks and Mortar’?

We’ve been wondering the last months: will COVID-19 be the end of the traditional bricks and mortar era of business as there is a shift towards e-commerce? Not a new idea, of course, but a persistent one nonetheless.

In the short term, yes — due to the social distancing measures that have forced business closures. For the longer term, while it may not exactly be the end, the norm will change radically. Requirements for face masks, PPE, social distancing and occupancy limitations will affect how we interact within establishments — changing the way we socialise, do business, go about our shopping and simply live our lives. 

Ireland’s growing e-commerce

Businesses across Ireland and the globe have been forced to close their doors in an attempt to promote social distancing and curtail the spread of the COVID-19.

But closed doors don’t have to mean a closed business. Many brands have had to find new ways to conduct their trade, adapting products and delivery methods along the way. Transitioning from traditional bricks and mortar to online and digital has proved a popular and successful tactic.

This trend has accelerated the growth of the Irish e-commerce industry as more brands take their businesses online to satisfy customers and meet new market needs. Restaurants, personal trainers, musicians and retailers are just some examples of industries that have gone digital and are now offering click-and-collect, delivery or online service provision. 

On average, online retailers in Ireland are experiencing a 400% growth in online sales when compared to last year. The areas that consumers have increased their online spend are: clothing, food, electronics, gaming, household appliances, streaming services and home fitness.

These trends stretch beyond Ireland as the global demand for e-commerce services has grown so much that Amazon hired 100,000 new staff members to cope. They also recently announced that they will be hiring a further 75,000 people to keep up with the growing global demand. 

If you want to explore the options in taking your business online, contact us today and we’ll discuss everything with you from website design to functionality to the best tools for driving traffic to your new e-commerce website.

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